Monday, 31 July 2017


This blog is created to keep myself accountable to my financial goals. 

In it, I will chronicle my attempts to stay off (more) debt, save money, and live well, all while living on a minimum wage.

My 5 years goal is to save up at least 20% for down payment for a house back in my little village in Borneo. I don't plan on buying anything fancy since it will be only me and my pets so I am projecting a rather low amount here for the down payment. Since I don't want to completely drain my bank account for the down payment, I plan to save up double the amount.

The date: 1st of August, 2022

House down payment: RM30,000  

Saving Goal: RM 60,000

Now, I do realized it would be hard for me to achieve this number on my measly salary (~RM1600), but that'll do. What else to keep one fire up and motivated. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to find cheap village house by 2022 or a better paying job.

I am also listing down a few checklists that I want to achieve before 31st of December, 2017, or, not-so-creatively called as, "My Five Month Goals".

My Five Months Goals:

  • Invest RM1000 in a Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) fund and contribute RM100 per month 
  • Save RM1500 for Australia 2018 fund by December 2017 (saved up RM380 UTD!)
  • Have RM8,000 in ASB2 account by December 2017 (this is where I stash the down payment money)
  • Find a side hustle
  • Cook and bring own food to work at least 3 days in a week
  • Stay loyal to my budget (I had been flexible)
  • Read more (15 books)
  • Networking and job searching like crazy
Let's do this!

p/s: Feel free to call me out whenever I stray from my financial goals. Thank you in advance :)